Kalmo Smart Monitoring: the intuitive and efficient solution for Covid-19 risk assessment

Kalmo Smart Monitoring: the intuitive and efficient solution for Covid-19 risk assessment

We’re all engaged to protect ourselves, the people in contact with us and the whole community from the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus; this is a task is a task we have to consider as primary target .

The battle against the virus can be won only by respecting the hygiene and sanitary standards, by observing the indications coming from national and international health authorities and by taking attention in observing every signal that could indicate a possible contagion. In some contexts, then, our attention must be particularly elevated and must never be slacken: offices, companies, factories, nursing homes, schools, hotels, cruise ships are all places in which the remote health monitoring of people is decisive, since the presence of a single infected person could easily cause an outbreak that could put everyone's health at risk.

Kalmo Smart Monitoring is created precisely to help companies, nursing homes, accommodation facilities and other particularly complex realities to carry out an efficient remote monitoring of their users and collaborators’ health conditions, to help each of them to correctly assess their level of risk thus applying appropriate preventive measures.


Kalmo Smart Monitoring function

Kalmo Smart Monitoring is an outsourcing service enabling a remote triage of the Covid-19 virus infection symptoms. In this way, people adopting this service can quickly and easily obtain an assessment of their level of risk, and consequently implement all preventive measures to avoid the infection spreading.

Kalmo Smart Monitoring service – which is already successfully tested in international high-risk contexts - is based on a simple app (available for both iOS and Android smartphones) that users can download on smartphone in order to daily insert specific health data. To effectively assess the risk, the app requires few additional health information as:

  • the body temperature value, which can be entered manually or automatically by using Bluetooth thermometers
  • the answers to a short health symptomatology questionnaire: the user must indicate if suffering one of the non-measurable symptoms (cough, fatigue, breathlessness, shortness of breath, anosmia ...) which, according to the international guidelines, may indicate a positive Covid- 19
  • the answers to a short aptitude questionnaire that investigates the users’ behaviour during the previous two weeks (possible contacts with infected or quarantined people, travel to countries at risk for Covid-19 or contact with people travelling to countries at risk ...)

These simple data, once entered into the app, are reprocessed using an algorithm that analyses them and defines the level of risk. The user, therefore, receives a feedback asa colored sticker that is displayed directly on the app: if the sticker is green, the risk is considered as low and it is therefore possible to go to work or proceed with the usua daily activities; if the sticker is red, it is recommended to stay at home and start the procedures provided in case of suspected positive Covid-19.


Kalmo Smart Monitoring: to whom it is addressed

Kalmo Smart Monitoring is a service designed to monitor people who regularly hang out the same environment, such as the employees of a company. This monitoring service works through a centrally managed application platform, which assigns an alphanumeric code to each user who has downloaded the application. If the employee, after entering the required information in the app, is classified as potentially at risk, the company receives an automatic and generic report of "ineligibility to take up service", without any other sensitive data being communicated. It is then up to the company, through the Kalmo Medical Center for the active monitoring of collaborators, to provide the employees with the necessary information to require the National Health Service intervention, able to carry out a more in-depth medical evaluation and possibly perform a swab that verify the real positivity to Covid-19. The company does not directly access the employees’ health data but merely acts as an intermediary between them and the medical staff, in full compliance with the privacy legislation.

This monitoring system, already tested in many companies, is actually potentially applicable also in different contexts: for example it can be used at school, to monitor the staff  health status, or in nursing homes, to enable people visiting more assiduously the guests to accurately assess their level of risk.


All the advantages of Kalmo Smart Monitoring

Kalmo Smart Monitoring is the ideal solution to monitor people health and to help them to effectively assess the risk of contagion by Covid-19 virus:

  • the application connected to the remote monitoring service is intuitive and easy to use: you just need a smartphone
  • the service provides quick responses, clearly indicating to the user the immediate behaviour to adopt thus avoiding to put other people at risk
  • it is a safe service, which protects both the privacy of users and companies that provide Kalmo Smart Monitoring as a means of health monitoring
  • it is a solution that prevents the risk of contagion between colleagues, because it allows the potentially at-risk employees to report their condition before arriving at the workplace
  • it is a versatile solution, which can be integrated into any existing corporate welfare platforms
  • it is an efficient solution already been tested in particularly high risks international contexts, as a  result of Venicecom strong experience in the field of workplace safety tools.

Do you think that Kalmo Smart Monitoring is the right solution to monitor the health of your employees or users, but you need to get mor information about its functions and  advantages? Please contact us and take advantage of an hour of free consultation with one of our experts, who will answer to all your questions!