Kalmo Smart Monitoring: smart solutions and devices for telemedicine

Kalmo Smart Monitoring: smart solutions and devices for telemedicine

Kalmo Smart Monitoring is an outsouring health monitoring service, composed by an app installed by the users directly on their smartphone and a medical Center for an active users monitoring. Through the application, the user enters few simple data related to their physical condition and behaviour; the information, once processed through a specific algorithm that exploits the potential of artificial intelligence, enables the system to establish the level of risk the users are exposed to, giving them the possibility to alert health personnel and activate the preventive measures considered as necessary to protect their own health and the one of people living or working close to them.

The system is developed to carry out a remote triage related to the presence of symptoms attributable to Covid-19 virus infection, but it is not limited to this application. Kalmo Smart Monitoring is a tool that enables you to store - in an absolutely safe and privacy-friendly way - health data useful to provide precise assessments regarding the users health status, and it is therefore considered a valid tool for telemedicine activities.


Kalmo Smart Monitoring for telemedicine: how it works

The Kalmo Smart Monitoring system is based on the use of a simple app that stores users’ health data and, after analysing them, returns them a feedback about the level of risk DI COSA?, providing the user with clear, quick and reliable answers. The app, obviously, does not replace medical personnel and is not able to make real diagnoses, but it plays a fundamental role in monitoring the users’ health and in providing health professionals with information that can be useful in determining how behave on the patient, if necessary.

Kalmo Smart Monitoring is able to determine if the user is exposed to the risk of having contracted the Covid-19 virus, but thanks to the integrated use with telemedicine devices it also enables you to store other health data related to fundamental vital parameters such as:

  • Temperature
  • Oximetry
  • Blood pressure
  • Glycemia
  • Heart activity

These parameters can be detected independently by the patient through a series of optional integrated devices (bluetooth thermometer, smartwatch ...) which interact directly with the application and guide the patient in the measurement operations. Once stored, the data are made available to healthcare personnel who, by accessing a dashboard, can have a complete overview of the patient's vital parameters and then proceed with his assessments.


Kalmo Smart Monitoring for telemedicine: who it is for

Kalmo Smart Monitoring can be successfully used in nursing homes and other reception facilities for vulnerable patients. In such delicate contexts, in fact, it is essential to immediately identify any possible person at risk of having contracted the Covid-19 virus, in order to isolate them and proceed with the appropriate investigations. The use of the app, in these contexts, in addition to protecting patients, facilitates the work of healthcare personnel, who can always have accurate and updated information on the users vital parameters, without the need of continuous monitoring.

Kalmo Smart Monitoring system for telemedicine can also be a great help for monitoring the health of guests on cruise ships, resorts, hotels and other accommodation facilities. By equipping themselves with this tool, guests and staff who could had contacts with people tested as positive for Covid-19 could be able to independently assess their level of risk, implementing the necessary preventive measures and thus avoiding to spread of the infection thus protecting themselves, the other guests of the structure and the health personnel called to intervene.

Kalmo Smart Monitoring can also be successfully used to monitor the health status of people attending sports clubs, taking part of teams or playing sports that require close physical contact between people. In all these contexts, in fact, the normal measures of social distancing cannot be implemented, and the spread of the contagion has proved to be particularly rapid. Using a tool that enables individuals to monitor their state of health is essential for an early detection of any possible risk of contagion.


The advantages of Kalmo Smart Monitoring devices for telemedicine

The use of smart devices to monitor the health of nursing home users, guests of accommodation facilities or employees offers many advantages both immediately, for monitoring the risk associated with Covid-19 virus infection, and in the long term, since the system can be used also in normal conditions to monitor patient vital signs.

The advantages of using Kalmo Smart Monitoring:

  • It enables the patient to always keep their vital parameters under control and to independently assess the health risks exposure
  • It enables the screening of Covid-19 virus infection symptoms, but it also monitors the users vital parameters
  • It simplifies the activities of medical and paramedical staff, who can collect accurate and always updated data related to the health conditions of their patients
  • It protects health personnel and the employees of accommodation facilities and nursing homes, limiting their exposure to contagion as much as possible
  • It allows the early isolation of all those who reveal a high level of risk about the possibility of contagion by Covid-19 virus, limiting the possibility of spreading the infection inside enclosed locations such as nursing homes, cruise ships or hotels
  • It integrates with other telemedicine applications possibly used by the structures, allowing to expand the available data pool.

Do you think Kalmo Smart Monitoring is the right solution to simplify the patient monitoring and early detection of any infections from Covid-19, but you need to get mor information about its functions and  advantages? Contact us and take advantage of an hour of free consultation with one of our experts, who will answer all your questions!